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About Us


“THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL” Bijeljina – Vrsani – Brcko is an educational institution established in accordance with the Law on Adult Education, licensed and accredited for the education of people older than 18 years. The curriculum is adjusted to the needs and abilities of employees and people who do not have time to “sit in a school desk.” Classes are organizedin cabinets, adapted for that use,and via the Internet and an interactive relation lecturer-attendee. A professional practice is provided in institutions and companies capable of organizing the professional practice at the request of theattendees of the School. They can also try to arrange the maintenance of professional practice in other institutions and companies. “THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL” Bijeljina – Vrsani – Brcko offers its students the following educational programs:

PART-TIME EDUCATION The part-time education is intended for attendees who have completed only primary school or started but dropped out of school and could prove it by a class completion certificate.

RE-QUALIFICATION The re-qualificationis intended for attendees who have graduated from high school of the same level (level III or IV) and those who, throughout this program, want to retrain in another profession of the same level.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATION The additional qualificationis intended to attendees who have completed III level of a secondary education and want to take the additional qualificationfor IV level of asecondary education.

VOCATIONAL TRAINING “THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL” Bijeljina – Vrsani, organizes courses of professional training and improvement in work processes.


About Us

“THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL” Bijeljina – Vrsani – Brcko is an educational institution established in accordance...

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The word of the headmaster

“THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL” Bijeljinabases its work and operations on solid principles of innovation...

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"THE BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL SCHOOL" Bijeljinahas entered in the register of the Higher Commercial Court...

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School Administration

Dubravka Šuvira
School Secretary

Stevo Stević
Coordinator for technical occupations

Jovica Djokić
Professor - Dipl. Eng. traffic

Fikret Jašarević
Head of Vocational Training

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