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The Medical school is an educational institution that operates under the world standards.

The best teachers and successful experts in the field of health and social care are engaged in this school and they will transfer their knowledge and experience to the students. The school is equipped with the latest aids in the health field.

We use active methods which, by connecting teaching materialsand practical parts, lead to an easier memorization, a higher concentration and a stimulation of work creativity.

The medical school educates students to work in health and social care for the following educational profiles of level IV:

  • Medical Technician
  • Physical Therapy Technician
  • Sanitary Laboratory Technician
  • Pharmaceutical Technician

All participants who successfully complete the qualifications or re-qualifications for either of the professions, have an opportunity for employment in some of the health institutions in the European Union (Germany, Austria, etc. ) provided they have a neat certificate of passing the German language in one of the three authorized language schools.

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